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Toyota Parts Focus

Toyota Parts and What they Do

You purchased Toyota because of our reputation for quality - and because you have better things to do than worry about vehicle reliability and dependability. Those are the very same reasons that you should insist on Toyota Parts when it's time for routine replacement.

Genuine Toyota Parts are the only parts that have been manufactured to meet Toyota's rigorous standards of safety, appearance and durability - helping to protect you as well as the value of your investment.

To learn more about Toyota Parts, and the part you can play in keeping your Toyota in peak operating condition, please select the part listed above. You'll find out what each part does, the factors and conditions that can cause wear and tear, and when and why you should follow the maintenance guidelines for your vehicle as detailed in the Toyota Maintenance Menu.

Toyota Parts

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil

What is it

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil (TGMO) protects the engine from energy loss, heat and wearing of contact surfaces caused by friction occurring in the engine. TGMO has five functions: lubrication, cooling, sealing, preventing corrosion and cleaning.

What does it do?


Motor oil forms an oil film on contact areas to reduce friction to prevent wearing, energy loss, and seizing.


Motor oil also absorbs heat from engine parts that become hot from the heat of combustion and the heat produced by friction. The oil then helps to radiate this heat to the outside of the engine.


Creating an oil film between the piston and cylinder seals the compressed gas and combustion gas in the combustion chamber to prevent a loss of power.

Preventing Corrosion

Motor oil protects the engine from oxygen and water present in the engine to prevent rust and corrosion.


Motor oil also washes away sludge, soot, and other substances that build up inside the engine to keep the engine clean.

When to Replace?

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil and filter should be replaced according to the manufacturer's required maintenance schedule.

Watch the VideoToyota Genuine Motor Oil


Toyota Genuine Motor Oil is available in two different types; Mineral and Synthetic. Both maintain the quality of your Toyota engine. TGMO is a unique combination of oil base stocks (mineral or synthetic) and a special additive package that promotes optimum engine performance.


Toyota Genuine Synthetic Motor Oil

What is it?

TGMO 0W-20 is man-made and its composition is set to meet exacting specifications. For vehicles operating in extreme environments, synthetic motor oil offers an extra measure of protection.

What does it do?

  • Protects your engine and performs better than conventional oil in both cold and hot temperatures.
  • Controls engine friction, especially at low temperatures, improving fuel economy and performance.
  • Controls on-going wear and deterioration to help extend engine life.

When to Replace?

  • The oil and filter should be replaced according to the manufacturer's required maintenance schedule.


  • Flows at far lower temperature than conventional oil as low as -32°C
  • Withstands the extremes of very high engine temperatures without thermal breakdown and maintains viscosity control.
  • Excellent low and high temperature performance combine to produce a single all-season lubricant suitable for extreme weather conditions.
  • Faster cold weather starts.
  • Reduced engine deposits for a cleaner running engine.
Watch the VideoToyota Genuine Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic Based Oil

Oil particles are of uniform size and shape

Synthetic Oil

Mineral-based oil

Oil particles are of uniform size and shape

Regular Oil

Toyota Genuine Oil Filters

What do they do?

Engine oil filters remove harmful particles from the oil, protecting your engine and prolonging its life.

Why replace them?

Oil is constantly being contaminated with carbon, moisture, blow-by gases and microscopic metallic grit.

These contaminants accumulate in the filter over time, reducing its efficiency and restricting oil flow.

When to replace?

Oil filters, along with your engine oil, should be replaced according to the manufacturer's required maintenance schedule.

Watch the VideoOil Filter

1. Check & Relief Valves:

Durable, heat-resistant rubber for long-lasting performance. Relief valve lets some oil flow even if the filter is clogged. Check valve ensures oil is ready at start-up.

2. Dual Texture Element:

Ensures effective filtration and resistance for superior performance through the filter's life.

3. Sealing:

Uses premium gasket material and precision-machined threads for an exact fit that will not leak.

4. Element oil filter:

Element oil filters are being introduced on new Toyota vehicles as they offer the same filtration qualities as a cartridge type however reducing the use of metal helps lessen our impact on the environment.

Oil Filter Function

Toyota Genuine Air Filters

What do they do?

Air filters prevent harmful particles from entering your engine and causing damage. Cleans up to 24,000 litres of air per hour when driving at 60 km/h.

When to service?

Air filters eventually become clogged with trapped particles and as a result this will reduce engine performance. A clogged filter starves your engine for air, reducing fuel economy and increasing emissions.

When to replace?

Remove and inspect every 6 months or 8,000 kilometers and replace as needed

Watch the VideoAir Filter

1. Proper Balance:

Of efficient filtration and unrestricted airflow

2. Quality Materials:

Made from a non-woven cloth

3. Multi-Layered Element:

Incorporating coarse, medium and fine filters, traps particles of different sizes and resists clogging for long service life

4. Exact Fit:

Ensure proper sealing which is essential in keeping dirt out of your engine

Air Filter Function

Toyota Genuine Cabin Air Filters

Cabin Air FiltersWatch the Video

What do they do?

Cabin Air Filters capture unwanted particles such as pollen, dust and other pollutants before they enter your vehicle's compartment. The benefit is cleaner, fresher air.

Why are they important?

A vehicle's cabin can contain high concentrations of dust, pollen and other unwelcome air particles which can potentially affect the comfort and health of vehicle occupants and aggravate allergies.

When to replace?

Replace every 12 months or 16,000 kilometres. Over time filters become clogged which reduces air flow from you air conditioner and heater. Driving in heavy traffic, urban or dusty environments or on dirt roads may shorten the filter's life.

Air Filter

* Cabin Air Filters are installed on all current Toyota models (2006 model year and newer).

1. Pollen Filter:

Standard filter designed to capture particles including pollen, dust and other allergens.

2. Electrostatic Filter:

Functioning much like a Pollen Filter. It also holds a static charge that captures smaller particles like brake and tire dust.

3. Charcoal Filter:

Made from the same high quality filter material as the Toyota Genuine Cabin Air Filter, the charcoal filter adds a layer of activated charcoal to absorb and remove odours.

Results are cleaner, fresher air for your cabin.

Air Filter Function

Toyota Genuine Super Long Life Coolant

What does it do?

Removes heat from your engine to maintain optimal operating temperature. Rated for temperatures as cold as -50°C. Protects internal components from corrosion and wear.

Why does it need replacing?

The additives that offer lubrication and corrosion protection are depleted over time.


  • Extended replacement interval lowers ownership cost.
  • Concentrated blend of premium inhibitors for extended performance.
  • Pre-mixed formula ensures correct proportion for optimum performance.
  • Longer replacement interval reduces chemicals and material polluting our environment.
  • When used according to the factory required maintenance schedule the life of the cooling system will be extended, protecting the engine from overheating and easing cold starting in extreme cold weather conditions.
  • Can be used when changing the coolant on most 2004 and newer models.
Watch the VideoSuper Long Life Coolant

Toyota Genuine Long Life Coolant

What does it do?

An integral part of the system that removes heat from your engine to maintain optimal operating temperature. Able to withstand the extremes of Canada's climate. Rated for temperatures as cold as -56°C. Protects internal components from corrosion, and lubricates your engine's water pump. Proper coolant formulation helps ensure proper functioning of your vehicle's cabin heating system.

Why does it need replacing?

The additives that help prevent rust and corrosion and lubricate the water pump break down over time and lose their effectiveness. Replacing your coolant according to the manufacturer's required maintenance schedule for your year and model of Toyota will help extend the life of the cooling system, including your heater core, water pump, radiator and hoses.


  • Non-silicate formula won't damage water pump seal.
  • Eliminates the formation of harmful deposits.
  • Developed specifically for Toyota engines.
  • Superior long life performance and protection.
  • Same "red" formula that the factory installs in your Toyota.
Watch the VideoLong Life Coolant

Toyota Combustion & EFI System Cleaner Service

What is it?

A two-step 360° fuel system cleaning process performed by Certified Toyota Technicians.

What does it do?

Environmental conditions, driving habits or poor quality gasoline can cause build-up in your vehicle's fuel and combustion systems, compromising both fuel economy and performance. The service cleans and eliminates contaminants and deposits in the combustion chambers and on intake and exhaust valves.

When to Use It?

Every 80,000 kilometres or if performance issues exist.


  • Restores efficiency to the EFI system
  • Oxygen sensors and catalytic converter safe.
  • Helps improve fuel economy.
  • Creates a combustible emulsion of gasoline and water.
  • Controls moisture produced by condensation in the fuel system.
Watch the VideoEfi Combustion System Service

1. Fuel Injector Assembly:

The EFI System Cleaner service cleans your fuel injectors and combustion chambers and restores performance.

2. Fuel Injector Cleaner Kit

3. Toyota Combustion & EFI System Cleaner

4. Toyota Water Removal Additive

Results are cleaner, fresher air for your cabin.

Combustion System Cleaner

Toyota Water Removal Additive

Why do you need it?

Diminished performance, hesitation, poor fuel economy, and increased emissions caused by deposit build-up in the fuel system

Directions for use

For fuel tanks less than 60L, pour the contents of one bottle into the fuel tank once every 24,000 kilometres or every 12 months.


  • Improves engine efficency by cleaning and lubricating valves, injectors, and the fuel pump.
  • Protects fuel lines from freezing and corrosion.
  • Controls moisture produced by condensation in the fuel system
  • Creates a combustible emulsion of gasoline and water.
  • Oxygen sensors and catalytic converter safe.
Watch the VideoEfi Combustion System Service

Toyota Engine Oil System Cleaner

What does it do?

Helps eliminate oil sludge, carbon deposits and varnishes. Protects the engine's components and helps improve the lubrication system. Helps restore engine compression.

When to use it?

Every 60,000 kilometres or sooner if required.


  • Toyota Batteries are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry, 24 month free replacement, including installation.
  • Pro-rated coverage up to 84 months.
  • All scrap batteries are recycled 100%.
Watch the VideoEngine Oil System Cleaner

Toyota Premium Batteries

What do they do?

Provide power to start your Toyota in any weather, year after year. The battery supplies power to the necessary components that use electricity including the starter motor and various lamps such as headlamps and stop lamps, computers, wipers, audio system and more.

When to service?

Battery service and comprehensive electrical charging system evaluation should be performed according to the manufacturer's required maintenance schedule. This service helps avoid potential no-start conditions which are a concern to owners due to the inconvenience caused by such a failure, especially given our extreme weather conditions. Batteries should last for years but slow engine cranking or dim headlights are a sign that your battery requires attention.

Directions for use

Prior to oil change, with the engine warm, pour the contents of one bottle into the engine oil crankcase. Then run the engine at idle for 15 minutes. Change the oil and replace the oil filter.


  • Engine oil system cleaner is specifically designed to pre-clean and protect engine surfaces.
  • Keeps new motor oil at maximum operating performance..
Watch the VideoBatteries
Battery Cleaner

Toyota Battery Terminal Cleaner and Toyota Battery Terminal Protector

1. Molded Symbols:

Permanently identify polarity

2. High Cold-Crank Ratings:

For reliable starting power year-round

3. Heat Sealed Covers:

Prevent electrolyte contamination and increase case strength

4.Polypropylene Case:

Combines light weight and high impact strength

5.Hold-Down Ramp:

For secure mount

Toyota Genuine Spark Plugs

What do they do?

Drive the camshafts, which control the opening and closing of the engine's intake and exhaust valves. Precise valve operation is critical to efficient engine operation.

Why replace them?

Timing belts are quiet, efficient and unseen, so they tend to be forgotten. Over time, they stretch, crack, become brittle and will eventually break. Breakage will stop your engine dead and could cause major internal damage.

When to replace?

Timing belts should be replaced according to the manufacturer's required maintenance schedule. Timing belt replacement involves a considerable amount of engine disassembly.

Watch the VideoEngine Timing Belt

Designed by the same engineers who built your Toyota

Toyota Genuine belts match your engine perfectly and ensure peak performance and reliability.

Timing Belt

Toyota Genuine Spark Plugs

What do they do?

Ignite the compressed air/fuel mixture, creating engine power. Must be able to fire up to 60 times per second, and last for thousands of kilometres. Contributes to the proper combustion of fuel for optimum performance, maximum fuel efficiency, low emissions, and faster cold weather starts.

Why replace them?

Subjected to tremendous pressure and heat (400-900°C). Electrode tip gradually erodes and performance suffers. Carbon deposits from combustion contaminate the tips over time, reducing efficiency. Result is hard starting, loss of power, higher fuel consumption and increased emissions.

When to replace?

Spark plugs should be replaced according to the manufacturer's required maintenance schedule or whenever required.

Watch the VideoSpark Plugs

1. Five Rib Design:

Prevents flashover and decreases voltage loss

2. Insulator:

Functioning much like a Pollen Filter. It also holds a static charge that captures smaller particles like brake and tire dust.

3. Resistor:

Prevents interference with on-board electronics

4. U-Groove Ground Electrobe:

Develops a larger spark for improved performance

5. Machine Rolled Threads:

For trouble-free installation and removal

Spark Plug Design

Toyota Genuine Brake Pads

What do they do?

When you apply pressure to the brake pedal, the caliper clamps the brake pads against each side of the brake rotor, creating friction and slowing your vehicle down. Brake pads must create the proper amount of friction to deliver smooth stopping performance with a minimum of noise while operating under the harshest conditions.

Why service them?

Brake pads are a critical part of your braking system. Pads are designed to wear with use and the rate of wear depends on usage and loads. Constant exposure to the elements may result in rust build-up, which can cause brake dragging, pulling, pulsating and/or abnormal noise. Regular lubrication and cleaning of braking system components helps ensure proper function and reduce premature wear.

When to service?

Brake service should be performed according to the manufacturer's required maintenance schedule. This will help reduce premature wear and abnormal brake noise during brake application. If brakes drag, pull, pulsate or produce abnormal noise, see your dealer immediately.

Watch the VideoBrake Pad Diagram

Toyota Genuine brake pads are engineered to match your vehicle model, providing an optimum balance of braking performance, reduced noise and dust, and extended pad life

Provides smooth braking while minimizing rotor wear

Brake Pad

Toyota Genuine Brake Fluid

What is it?

Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid used in hydraulic brake applications in automobiles to provide optimal braking performance.

What does it do?

Brake fluid is used to transfer force under pressure from where it is created through hydraulic lines to the braking mechanism near the wheels. It lubricates braking system components and prevents corrosion of metal brake lines.


  • Toyota Genuine Fluid.
  • Higher wet boiling point.
  • Exceeds DOT 3 requirements.
  • Will remain viscous and will not freeze.
  • Available in 2 sizes.
Watch the VideoBrake Fluid Example

Toyota Genuine Mufflers

What do they do?

  • Help minimize exhaust noise and vibration.
  • Help tune exhaust back pressure for efficient engine performance.
  • Help direct heat and exhaust gases away from vehicle.

Why do they need replacing?

Even though the original equipment muffler will offer you years of trouble free driving; over time heat, vibration, road salt and moisture wear out and corrode your muffler. Your vehicle will typically start to sound different prior to failure.


  • Coverage on a replacement muffler is 12 months or 20,000 kilometres.
  • Unlike others, our warranty includes all bolts and gaskets required to install the muffler.
  • Toyota mufflers are complete assemblies.
Watch the VideoMufflers

1. Capacity:

The size of a Toyota Genuine muffler is matched to your vehicle. A muffler with the incorrect capacity can result in increased noise or reduced performance

2. Proper Back Pressure:

For optimum performance and fuel economy

3. Welded One-Piece Assembly:

Means less corrosion and a better fit

4. Durability:

Constructed from rugged stainless or galvanized steel for high corrosion resistance and long life

5. Supports:

The supports and reinforcements are strong enough to eliminate vibrations.

Toyota Genuine Remanufatured Parts

What are they?

A range of key parts that are "remanufactured" using Toyota Genuine components.

They are put through stringent performance tests to ensure "like new" performance and Toyota Genuine Quality.

They're virtually identical to the original part, giving you the perfect fit and uncompromised performance - guaranteed.

Why use them?

Using remanufactured parts in place of new parts offers significant cost savings, without a loss of performance.

Using remanufactured parts helps reduce our impact on the environment.

Eliminates potential problems that often result from using aftermarket "should work" or "consolidated" units.

Covered by a 12 month or 20,000 kilometre warranty.

"Rebuilt" is not "remanufactured" Aftermarket rebuilders typically repair or replace only the broken, worn or damaged components.

Essential wear items are replaced with new Toyota Genuine parts, regardless of their condition.

Any other components that do not meet Toyota's specifications are also replaced with new parts.

As part of the Toyota remanufacturing process, where appropriate, the latest design enhancements in Toyota technology and engineering are incorporated.

Key Benefits

Remanufacturing process is controlled and measured to exacting Toyota quality standards.

Many other components are cleaned and repainted for a like-new appearance and corrosion protection.

All remanufactured products must pass stringent performance tests to ensure like new performance and Toyota Genuine Quality.

A great economical alternative to new Toyota Genuine Parts.

Toyota Remanufactured Parts

    The following are currently available for most model applications:

  • Brake calipers
  • Alternators
  • Starters
  • Steering racks
  • CV Axles
  • Transaxles
  • AC Compressors
Watch the VideoRemanufatured Parts Example

Toyota Genuine Wiper Inserts

Why do wiper inserts wear?

Ultra-violet rays, extreme temperature, sand, salt and grit damage the rubber insert of the wiper.

Over time, this results in poor wiper performance and may also damage the windshield or place an excessive load on the wiper motor and linkage.

Why inserts?

If the blade frame is in good condition, changing wiper inserts is the economical answer to restoring your wipers to peak efficiency.

Why Toyota Genuine Inserts?

Custom fit with no need to trim to size or bend wiper claws.

Easy-to-replace with simple to follow instructions.

Competitively priced alternative to replacing entire blade assembly.

Watch the VideoWiper Insert Example

Toyota Genuine Beam Blades

Why Beam Blades?

Beam blades are manufactured with premium rubber and coated with Teflon on the wiper surface.

True all weather blades designed with improved wiping capability.

When to replace?

If the wipers are chattering, streaking or otherwise failing to wipe cleanly and consistently, you need new blades.

Cracked, ripped or frayed wipers need to be replaced.

Why Toyota Genuine Beam Blades?

Designed to meet Toyota specifications.

Durable long-lasting construction.

Engineered to fit today's windshield contours.

Easy to install with simple-to-follow instructions.

Available for most models.

Beam Blade Example

Toyota Genuine Conventional Wiper Blades

Why All-Season Wiper Blades?

All-Season Wiper Blades feature an aerodynamic steel frame and twin-rail refills for better performance.

They offer exceptional strength and durability for the spring, summer and fall seasons.

They are engineered for a better fit on curved windshields.

A precision cut rubber edge provides superior wiping action.

When to replace?

If the wipers are chattering, streaking or otherwise failing to wipe cleanly and consistently, you need new blades.

Cracked, ripped or frayed wipers need to be replaced.

Why Toyota Conventional Wiper Blades?

Designed to meet Toyota specifications.

The twin squeegee distributes wiper arm pressure evenly across the blade.

Easy to install with pre-assembled universal mount.

Aerodynamic design contributes to a quiet, noise free ride.

Conventional Wiper Blade Example

Toyota Genuine Winter Wiper Blades

Why Winter Wiper Blades?

Toyota Winter Wiper Blades are specially designed to keep slush, snow and ice off your windshield, and feature a sleek, wedge-shaped spoiler to help clear away loose snow and ice buildup.

When to replace?

Change to winter blades when you change to winter tires and then go back to all season blades when you go back to all-season tires.

Why Toyota Genuine Winter Wiper Blades?

Toyota Genuine Winter Wiper Blades are the only wiper blades tested and approved by Toyota for your vehicle. To ensure they last in real world conditions, Toyota Genuine Winter Wiper Blades have gone through rigorous lab tests and in cold weather chambers as cold as -40 degrees Celsius.

Watch the VideoWinter Wiper Blade Example

Toyota Touch Windshield Washer Fluid

What is it?

A premium -40°C all-season windshield washer fluid and antifreeze.

What does it do?

Helps remove dirt and haze caused by accumulation of exhaust emissions, environmental residue and smog.

Great at cleaning road salt, difficult tree sap and smeared insects.

Lubricates washer pump and prolongs system life.

Cleans and lubricates the wiper blade's rubber insert.


  • Specially formulated to reduce streaks and promote smooth wiper blade travel.
  • Blended with special penetrating detergent, dispersant and anti-scalant.
  • Prevents freezing of washer system to -40°C.
  • Safe on all vehicle paint and trim finishes.
  • Optimum year-round performance.
Windshield Washer Fluid

Touch Up Paint Pen

Why do you need it?

Repair minor scratches and nicks caused by stones and road debris.

Exposed metal can allow rust to set in and spread.

Protects your vehicle's finish.

What is it?

A convenient, easy way to touch up minor chips and scratches in your paint finish.

Developed from acrylic polyester base and clear coat technology.

Dual, polyester fiber tip ensures easy, ultra precise application.

Why Toyota Touch-Up Paint?

The only touch-up product that offers basecoat and clear coat in a single unit.

Formulated to exactly match your Toyota's factory paint colour code.

Contains UV protection.


  • Easy to use ergonomic pen design
  • Frost and UV resistant cartridge
  • Instruction guide included
  • One-year limited warranty
Watch the VideoToyota Touch Up Pen

1. Polyester fiber tip:

  • Ensures ultra precise application
  • Removable for easy clean-up
  • Prevents paint from clogging

2. Air tight pressure valve:

  • Prevents paint leakage
  • Provides consistent paint flow
  • Prevents paint from drying out
Toyota Touch Up Pens

Toyota Touch Cleaning and Detailing Products

Wash & Shine Soap

Eco-friendly, phosphate free and highly concentrated, this professional grade soap gets your Toyota sparkling clean in no time.

Leather & Vinyl Conditioner

A water-based automotive leather seat and trim conditioner. Keeps leather soft and supple. Protects against fading and leaves a clean "factory" finish on vinyl and leather surfaces.

Glass Cleaner

Formulated specifically for automotive grade glass. Leaves a clear, brilliant finish. Ammonia free and safe to use on tinted glass.

Spray Wax

A high quality, convenient liquid polymer solution that protects for weeks and keeps a high gloss shine.

Spot & Stain Remover

A one-step stain "lifter" in a convenient "glove box" sized format. Helps to remove small stains from seats, carpet and hard surfaces.

Interior Kit

The right tools for the job. Deluxe micro-fibre cloth, dressing applicator sponge and horsehair detailing brush are the tools the pros use to detail the interior of your Toyota to keep that "showroom" look. Use with Toyota Touch Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Leather & Vinyl Conditioner for that "just detailed" look.

Exterior Kit

The tools the professionals use to wash and dry your Toyota vehicle properly. Deluxe grade chamois and super soft wash mitt. Match these tools up with the Toyota Touch Wash & Shine Soap for a showroom shine every time you wash your vehicle.

Watch the VideoToyota Cleaning Products

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Perfect for cleaning automotive hard surfaces and fabrics. Cleans bug residue, brake dust, caked-on dirt, fabric, leather and vinyl stains.

Fresh Scent

A handy, non-toxic liquid air freshener to keep your vehicle interior smelling fresh and clean.

All Season Tires

Why All-Season Tires?

All-around good performance in a wide variety of conditions, softer construction, longer tread life and quieter ride than performance tires, the more extreme conditions become the more performance is reduced.

How do I choose tires?

Everybody has different criteria for selecting their tires. With the wide variety of possibilities available, it can be confusing. Your Toyota Dealer will be happy to assist you in finding a tire that fits your needs.

When do I replace my tires?

Over time, tire tread depth decreases as the rubber compound is worn off in daily use. As the treads wear, time performance diminished. When the depth becomes 4/32 of an inch, you should begin to think about visiting your Toyota Dealer to replace your tires.

When do I rotate my tires?

Toyota Canada recommends that tires be inspected every 6 months or 8,000 km and rotated as required. Early and regular tire rotation is one of the best ways to extend the life of your tires and enhance your vehicle's handling. Longer lasting tires translate to lower overall costs and help ensure that tread wear is even* among the four tires.

Watch the VideoToyota Cleaning Products

* Uneven wear occurs when forces are applied unevenly to each wheel position. For example, in front wheel drive vehicles, braking, steering and driving forces act more strongly on the front wheels than the rear wheels.

1. Tougher Bead Construction:

Helps withstand the demands of seasonal mounting and dismounting

2. Sidewall Rubber Compound:

Special sidewall compounds add flexibility and strength

Road Hazard Protection:

Available as an option

3. Belted Tires:

Steel belts, built into the tire, provide stability to the tread area. Softer construction; longer tread life and quieter ride than performance tires

4. Advanced Tread Design:

Deep grooves designed to take water away from the tire contact patch

Winter Tires

Why Winter Tires?

During the winter season, tires play a crucial role in the vehicles overall safety and performance.

Much too often, winter tires are portrayed as "snow tires." The truth is, winter tires are not only designed to perform in snowy conditions, but to provide optimal performance in cold weather temperatures as well.

They provide excellent ride comfort and safety, exceptional grip in cold conditions, superior braking on ice and snow, outstanding resistance against aquaplaning, superb wet and dry handling, enhanced vehicle stability control operation and smoother take-off when equipped with traction control.

Two Tires or Four?

Since the winter tires will grip much better in slippery conditions, installing them on only two wheels will disrupt your vehicle's handling. Toyota recommends that you install winter tires on all four wheels.

Who knows your Toyota best?

While many places sell winter tires, your Toyota dealer carries winter tires that are selected by Toyota Canada to offer leading edge technology at a very competitive price. For your convenience, Toyota offers 14 of Canada's top tire brands.

Watch the VideoWinter Tires

1. Tougher Bead Construction:

Helps withstand the demands of seasonal mounting and dismounting

2. Road Hazard Protection:

Available as an option

3. Rubber Compound:

Specially designed to remain flexible at low temperatures for greater grip

4. Interlocking Sipes:

Help cut through slush and bite pavement. They can lock under load to increase stability

5. Advanced Tread Design:

Winter tires have tread designs that are engineered to cope with winter's worst

How a winter tire performs
Tire component interaction with road surface

Winter Tire Performance

Toyota Genuine Fuel System Cleaner

What is it?

High Concentrate Formula with an active ingredient that has been specifically designed for Toyota Engines.

What does it do?

  • The Toyota Genuine Complete Fuel System Cleaner removes deposits that can build-up inside your engine and helps to improve rough idling, hesitation and driveability.
  • Active ingredients break down deposits on engine fuel injectors, intake valves and other areas - transports the deposits so they can be removed from the engine.

When to replace?

  • Use every 10,000kms or 6 months.

Recommended use:

  • 1 bottle for tanks 70L or less
  • 2 bottles for tanks over 70L


Toyota Genuine Complete Fuel System Cleaner can help to:

  • Restore lost power and acceleration
  • Reduce exhaust emissions
  • Prevent engine knocking
  • Keep your fuel system clean
Watch the VideoFuel System Cleaner

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